Saturday, June 3, 2017

Left Turns Must Be Hard

I don't know what it is but left turns are hard for some folks.  I am talking about the left turn lanes, with the left turn arrows at larger intersections.  One knows the turn arrow light is going to turn green.  It is also obvious that there are a line of cars behind you.

I am of the opinion that when one is turning left they need to be keyed up; they need to be totally focused.  When the light changes, you can go.  If you are in the line it is NOT a good time to check your texts or daydream about supper.

As the cars are starting it is amazing from back in the line to look forward and see a car turn, then another one turn with a distance of 5 or more car lengths between the two cars and the line has 15 or more vehicles anxious to get through.  I know it is a chimeric hope to improve this facet of driving in the populace but it is one small thing that could improve life a little.  So the thought should be Turning Left, Be Ready.

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